For a few years now I have been writing what I like to call "Gift Songs". This started out as an experiment and quickly turned into one of my favorite things to do each year. 

In short this basically means you are giving the gift of song to a friend, family member, or loved one. 
You share your thoughts, cares, stories, funny things, sad things, love things, how you first met, nicknames etc...
Then we share some notes through an email or phone call and I craft the perfect song just for you. 
You are the storyteller. I just wrap it up and make it shiny. Then you can give it to the person of your choosing.
I write a song specifically for that person or situation in their life. YES, IT IS REALLY THAT SIMPLE!

Typically these songs are given as gifts but you can use this process in any way you would like.

How does it work?

Once you decide this is the gift you want to give you simply Follow the instructions below to purchase this package.

You then receive an email with a brief questionnaire (there are no wrong answers) in order for me to get to know the concept or person as much as possible. This is also a great way for you to really enjoy the process with me and meditate over how awesome this person or situation is. I mean, you are giving them a song right?

Once you submit the information, I then take what you have shared and write a song based off of the story you have created for me.

Theres no magic pixy dust. Its really about you telling me WHY and then I capture that in a song for you.

What do I get? (besides a huge thank you hug?)

- Digital download link with an .mp3 and .wav file

- Digital download .pdf Lyric Sheet

I have truly fell in love with this process and I hope that you will too. The process of getting to know people on this very intimate level is really what it is all about. I cherish your vulnerability and eagerness to be a part of this project. This will be a rewarding process.

I hope to someday release a collection of Gift Songs as a complete album.
There are some kind words from others that have given Gift Songs in the past below.

If you’d like me to write a Gift Song for you or a loved one, please send me a message HERE.



This song was a true love story written about a mother and father combining families later in life.
They have 12 Children between the two of them.
They are completely in love after a long life of joy and adventure together. 

This was given as a Gift Song by one of their daughters.  

If you are interested please read below or EMAIL

I couldn't believe it when Noah was singing about my life. It was the sweetest gift I have ever gotten.”

— Lacey Kuntz

Absolutely thrilled with the songs Noah wrote for my daughters and I. One of my motivations as a Dad has been to create unique memories. Needless to say, this is a memory they can cherish forever. Thank you so much for the great songs but most importantly thanks for helping create an unforgettable memory for my daughters. ”

— Kevin Atkinson

Noah did a great job putting our story into song. I surprised my husband by casually playing it in the car like any other song and he lit up as soon as he realized it was our story. It was one of his favorite gifts I've ever given him.”

— Ashley Pilot